Technology Applications

Rubber components are utilized in a broad range of technological applications due to their durability, strength, flexibility, and electrical insulating properties. These qualities make rubber an ideal material for many uses.

Computers and Peripherals

Keyboards, mice, printers, and monitors use a variety of rubber components such as keys, gaskets, rubber feet, and other parts. High-quality rubber components can enhance the user's experience and significantly impact the component’s durability and overall performance.

Phones and Tablets

Phones and tablets often use rubberized parts for their cases, keys, and touch screen covers. Gaskets on the casing can protect the device from dust and other particles, improving its longevity.

Household Appliances and Medical Equipment

Household appliances, such as TVs, stereos, washing machines, etc., typically use rubber gaskets, sealing rings, shockproof pads, and other parts to provide protection. Medical equipment, such as heart rate monitors, blood pressure monitors, ear thermometers, etc., depend on high-quality rubber seals, gaskets, and other parts to assure accurate and consistent performance.

Solar and Wind Power Systems

Solar power systems often use rubber seals and gaskets to protect panels and other components from the external environment. They must withstand extreme temperatures, exposure to UV radiation, and other harsh environmental conditions to ensure the system operates smoothly for years. Well-designed seals and gaskets can also reduce energy loss by minimizing leaks and preventing moisture intrusion. This not only improves the system's efficiency but also helps reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

Wind power systems typically use rubber seals and gaskets to protect rotating blades and other components from the external environment. Rubber components are also used in other new energy technologies, such as in hydroelectric power generation systems, geothermal power generation systems, etc.

Aerospace Technology

Rubber components are often used in aircraft and aerospace applications, where they are exposed to extreme temperature and pressure conditions. Spacecraft and satellites use rubber parts for critical components such as fuselage doors, portholes, engine seals, gaskets and seals for fuel and oxidant pipelines, vibration dampers, thermal isolation panels, and various accessories. Rubber is extensively used in aircraft vibration-absorbing systems, such as suspension systems, engine supports, landing gear, and more, to enhance the stability and ride comfort of the aircraft.


With the widespread application of drones in various fields, such as agriculture, logistics and delivery, environmental monitoring, search and rescue, the perfection of their internal structure and external configuration has become increasingly important. Rubber components, like vibration dampeners and sealing rings, ensure the stability of each flight and protection of the equipment. When drones touch down on the ground, rubber foot pads mitigate the impact, preserving the integrity of the instruments. From propeller guards to fasteners, rubber plays a crucial role in providing durability and flexibility, making drones not only more robust but also adaptable to various work environments. Rubber parts provide excellent protection and support for drones, allowing them to soar in various domains.


In the robotics industry, rubber parts are widely used to enhance the performance and durability of robots. Rubber components such as shock-absorbing pads, sealing rings, connecting hoses, and hand gripping materials not only improve the precision and stability of robot operations but also protect them from dust, moisture, and chemical erosion. Sealing rings prevent lubricant leaks and protect joints from dust and moisture.


In the semiconductor industry, rubber parts play a crucial role in protection and isolation. In clean manufacturing environments, rubber seals prevent contaminants from entering. Shock-absorbing pads stabilize sensitive equipment, reducing the impact of external vibrations, while isolation materials protect semiconductor components from damage during manufacturing. Rubber parts ensure accuracy and consistency in the semiconductor manufacturing process.

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