Rubber Buffers

After sophisticated product structure design and rigorous crash testing, the shock-proof feet manufactured by Zong Yih can be applied to industrial machinery and equipment. Rubber buffers and rubber buffer stops and rubber isolator are a solution to easy installation, low-maintenance, and low-cost for absorbing shock and vibration.

How Do Rubber Buffers Work?

Rubber buffers as a type of anti vibration rubber mounts are used in mechanical engineering, transport technology, automotive parts, assembly construction, and special-purpose machines. They are popular construction elements for mounting aggregates and as elastic buffers to limit the spring travel by moving masses. They are ideal for absorbing vibrations on engines, compressors, pumps, and testing machines, or for use as impact buffers on load-bearing systems. Their central task is to absorb the kinetic energy of objects as vibration dampers to achieve a damping effect and thus effectively protect objects from vibrations. Typical ways of using rubber buffers are as rubber isolation mounts, buffer stops or as buffers for damping oscillations in, for instance, doors, gates, and flaps.

Heavy-Duty Rubber Engine Buffer Mountings from Zong Yih

Zong Yih, Taiwan experienced rubber buffer manufacturer, specializes in rubber engine buffers making, and these rubber engine mountings are highly durable and heat resistant as well as are carefully engineered to prevent the engine from shock excitation. These rubber engine isolator mounts also support isolating engine vibrations caused by the starting engine. Engine mountings are heavy-duty rubber buffer for high vertical static and shock load in compression whilst providing high isolation value in the horizontal shear direction. These types of rubber isolation mounts are designed and constructed in various types considering the requirement of load-deflection characteristics.

The overall structure of rubber engine mountings is manufactured with rubber, which can be installed in machines and equipment. These products are strong and sturdy and ensure long-lasting service life. Advanced technologies and modern machines are used while manufacturing these products, to ensure the timely delivery of our products.

Zong Yih Rubber Buffer Features

Our rubber buffers and rubber bumper stops can be manufactured in nature rubber compounds to meet specific environmental factors, as a good anti-vibration solution.

Applicable Material: NR (Nature Rubber)
Hardness: 50/60/70 shore A
Applicable Temperature Range: -40℃ to 80℃ (instant high temperature 100℃)
Functions: Reduce shock, anti-vibration, reduce noise, and prevent slip
Features: Special design, light weight, low operating cost
Application Field: Electrical energy, air compression, pumping of liquids, industrial vehicles, machine tools, marine propulsion and auxiliary equipment, agricultural and construction equipment machinery, acoustic isolation of premises and sites, vibrating screens, hoppers, silos, feeder screens.

Zong Yih is a rubber buffer manufacturer with experience of decades and we have the confidence to offer you the best rubber anti-vibration solutions. Contact us anytime if you are interested in our products.