Rubber Grommets

Rubber Grommets

Rubber grommet is a circular or oval-shaped rubber protective device commonly used during the assembly or installation of wires, cables, or pipes. They play an essential role in providing protection, sealing, and fixation in various applications. The following are several key applications of rubber grommets:

Wire and cable protection: Rubber grommets are used when wires and cables pass through holes in boards, casings, or machine exteriors, providing protection and fixation. They prevent wires or cables from wearing or tearing when passing through holes and also shield internal electrical components from external environmental impacts.

Pipe sealing: When pipes pass through machine casings or wall panels, rubber grommets act as sealing devices, preventing leakage of liquids, gases, or dust through holes, ensuring the reliability of pipe connections.

Automotive industry: In automotive manufacturing, rubber grommets are commonly used to protect automotive wires and hydraulic pipelines, while securing them to the vehicle's body or engine components, ensuring the safety and reliable operation of the vehicle.

Furniture and household items: In furniture and household items, rubber grommets are often used to protect wires, cables, and pipes, while easing their bending and friction, thereby increasing their lifespan.

Product manufacturing: In various product manufacturing processes, rubber grommets can be used to protect and fix components, electrical connections, and other elements, ensuring the reliability and durability of the products.

Overall, rubber grommets have widespread applications, particularly in scenarios that require the protection and fixation of wires, cables, pipes, and other assemblies. Their elasticity and durability make them indispensable protective elements in various industries.