Parts Sourcing Service

In today's rapidly changing market environment, a highly efficient and comprehensive supply chain management has become especially important. Zong Yih Rubber actively offers customers a one-stop parts supply chain service, ranging from the stamping metal parts, fasteners, forging, die casting, to CNC processing, as well as the supply of plastic parts. Our goal is to ensure the quality of your products while saving you precious time and costs.

Our strengths

Complete Supply Chain Management

We provide a full solution from raw material procurement to finished product production, ensuring your needs are properly handled from start to finish.


Quality Assurance

Leveraging our extensive supply chain network, we assist customers in overseeing the quality at every stage, ensuring that products meet the expected standards.


Time and Cost Savings

With our one-stop service, you can significantly reduce the time spent communicating and coordinating with multiple suppliers, and effectively decrease the overall operational costs.

Service process

Requirement Assessment

Upon initial contact, we carefully understand your specific requirements to provide the most suitable supply chain strategy.


Product Source Selection

Based on your needs, we find the most suitable production and processing methods for you, ranging from stamping, forging, die casting to CNC processing.


Quality Monitoring

Through continuous quality checks, we ensure that every step meets strict quality standards.


Logistics Coordination

We ensure that products are safely and swiftly delivered to you, minimizing any potential delays or difficulties.


Ongoing Support

Our care doesn't stop at delivery; we continue to provide you with the necessary technical and logistical support.

Choose Zong Yih Rubber and let us be your robust backbone in parts supply chain management. Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss future collaboration opportunities.

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