Rubber Brake Cup

Rubber Brake Cup

Guarding Your Safety, Every Single Moment.

Safety is always our utmost priority while driving. Zong Yih Rubber's brake cups, with their exceptional quality and unparalleled durability, ensure that each of your brakes on the road is precise and reliable.

Application and Function

Master Cylinder: When you step on the brake pedal, Zong Yih Rubber's cup seals play a critical role in the master cylinder, ensuring that the pressure is efficiently converted into the flow of brake fluid, without any leaks.

Wheel Cylinder: In the vehicle's drum brake system, our cups also demonstrate their outstanding performance, ensuring that the pressure from the master cylinder is accurately transmitted to the brake shoes, enabling the drum brakes to function effectively.

Zong Yih Rubber's brake cups not only provide superior sealing performance, but more importantly, they possess excellent chemical resistance and a long lifespan. Even when exposed to corrosive brake fluids, they maintain their original performance, ensuring your driving safety.

In partnership with Zong Yih Rubber, we promise to offer you the best brake sealing solutions, guarding your safety every moment on the road.