Molded Rubber Part Manufacturing Process

After IQC performs the incoming inspection, it can be divided into rubber-to-metal adhesive or pure rubber products.After the rubber formula is mixed to confirm the rigidity, the rubber is cut into different shapes and sent to the production area for vulcanization.

Rubber metal then our company has professional knowledge and provides customers with good quality.

  1. Incoming raw materials will go through the IQC dept.
  2. If there are metal parts, it will be sent for metal send blasting & bonding agent applying.
  3. At the same time the raw material will send for rubber mixing.
  4. The mixed rubbers will send to the cutting room, cutting for difference sizes usage.
  5. it’s the time for curing process.
  6. The above 3 processes will go to the IPQC Inspection.
  7. Afterwards, the semi-finished goods will send for de-flashing.
  8. If the post curing is needed, it will send to the post curing room.
  9. Final inspection is the last Q/C step.
  10. The finished products will send for packing, warehouse and finally shipping.