Manufacturing Process Manufacturing Process
  • 1. Order Receive

    Sales dept. quoted to the customer and received orders.
  • 2. R&D Dept. Designs Tooling

    R&D dept. designs the tooling, and transfer it to professional tooling maker to develop the tooling.
  • 3. Sample Production Test

    Sample production will be started after receiving the tooling, and sample will be measured and inspected by QC dept. PPAP documentation will provided to the customer if necessary.
  • 4. Customer Sample Approval

    Purchace materials once sample is approved.
  • 5. Mixing/Blending Raw Materials

    Our company has a complete raw materials mixing production lines with advance facilities included the cooling system that is incommon in the rubber mixing industry.
  • 6. Compound/Meterial Inspection

    QC staff will check the materials randomly and send it to the laboratory for inspection. Materials could be used with PASS inspected.
  • 7. Cutting & Weighing Materials

    Compounds have to be cut in the air-cond room for precise cutting that is fulfill the requirement of each part’s production.
  • 8. Vulcanizing / Curing/De-molding / Self inspection

    Vulcanizing production will be arranged once the compounds are ready. Zong Yih Rubber has more than 60 sets different tons production machines including vacumn compression molding machines, automated horizontal injection molding machine, general injection molding machines and 15000cc high capacity injection molding machine.
  • 9. Burr De-flashing

    Zong Yih Rubber using advanced deburring machine such as Nitrogen Frozen De-flashing Machine and High Speed Spinning De-flashing Machine.
  • 10. Post Cure

    Partucular parts have to go through post curing process in order to stabilize the dimensions and optmized its physical properties.
  • 11. Automated Inspection

    Our company have several advance automated optical inspection machines to ensure 100% good quality in term of outlooking and within the dimension tolerances.
  • 12. Final Quanlity Inspection (FQC)

    Finished products have to be inspected randomly by QC dept for final time. Rejecting for reinspection if any defective part is found.
  • 13. Packaging / Stocking / Shipping

    • Packaging for item no. quantity and packaging materials will be followed customer’s requirement and barcode label on each bag will be pasted for computerize controlling.
    • To scan the barcode label before keep the goods in the warehouse and ready for shipping.
    • Shipping dept will arrange the delivery either by sea freight or air freight.