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Zong Yih, a rubber molding company, is composed of professional team and become the pioneer among the realm of Rubber parts manufacturing. Besides, our products focus not only on high quality, but excellence.

Even global changed itself rapidly, Zong Yih insist one policy, developing new product, display our highly efficiency and professional, and create our value to the top level.

We have won the recognition of domestic and foreign customers for their high-quality standard and custom rubber parts products, and they have been successfully sold in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and Asia. Because of the customer's affirmation, Zong Yih Rubber has really grown stronger.

There is the most sophisticated equipment to provide you the highest quality products and we also provide you with the highest with the most resonable prices

About Us

ZONG YIH Rubber is one of the leading custom rubber parts manufacturers in Taiwan. Founded in 1978, engineers and customized rubber molding parts for ODM/OEM and it began by serving the wide variety of industries and manufacturers that make up the industrial heartland of Taiwan, afterward, extend exportation to over 20 countries in world-wide...