Piston Lip Seal

Piston Lip Seal

Piston Power

In hydraulic and pneumatic systems, pistons require more force, especially under low-pressure conditions. Zong Yih Rubber's Piston Lip Seal not only offers a sealing effect but, more crucially, it enhances the piston's propulsion force, ensuring it delivers maximum performance under various working conditions.

Application and Function

Hydraulic Cylinders: In hydraulic systems, our Piston Lip Seal, with its unique lip design, slightly deforms under pressure. This increases the piston's propulsion surface area, providing additional thrust.

Pneumatic Equipment: For those pneumatic systems that demand swift responses, Zong Yih Rubber's Piston Lip Seal ensures the piston reacts quickly and effectively, delivering maximum propulsion force every time.

By choosing Zong Yih Rubber's Piston Lip Seal, you're not only opting for the highest quality materials and meticulously crafted performance but also ensuring powerful propulsion in every operation to meet the demands of various applications.